Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Accessories & Components

acti-fine ® 3-way stopcock

Pyrogen-free and atoxic with a transparent body. 360° rotation. Withstands pressure of up to 4 bar. Arrows on the stop cock indicate the flow direction.


PDF data sheet


acti-fine ® spike

Steril with hydrophobic bacteria filter (PTFE Membrane). For the withdrawal and aspiration of liquids. It has a high pressure resistance. 


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acti-fine ® transfer spike

Sterile, is to be used to decant or mix sterile liquids. Due to the long, pointed opening of the spike, it has a minimal residual volume.


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acti-fine ® combi stopper

Medical safety closering stopper with a male and female Luer-Lock connector. Safe from contamination by a countersunk luer cone.


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combi stopper 


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