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Hypodermic Needles

Extremely thin walled needles for the intravenous, intramuscular or subcutaneous injection. Colour code (Luer Lock hub) DIN EN ISO 6009.


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Injektionskanülen Dispomed HSW 2015-05-08

acti-fine ® pen needles

Injection Device in connection with the current Pen-Systems.


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acti-fine ® sclap vein set

Sterile, pyrogen-free and atoxic. Short, atraumatic smoothed needle, clear flexible 30 cm connecting tube, colour coded wings. With Luer Lock cone.


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acti-fine ® I.V. cannula

Sterile and latex-free, special triple bevel tip of the needle, colour coded wings and injection port cover. FEP catheter with 2 completely embedded radiopaque stripes.


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Safety I.V. Cannula

Sterile, pyrogen-free and atoxic. With colour coded injection port for application of additional medication. Special self activating security clips.


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acti-fine ® seldinger  

Sterile, pyrogen-free and atoxic. Special back bevel of the seldinger needle. Stainless steel cannula for puncture. Heavy metal free.


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acti-fine ® spine-ject ®

Sterile spinal needle, pyrogen-free and atoxic with protection cap. Smooth thin walled needle with Pencil Point bevel or Quincke bevel and Mandrin according to the international colour code, made of stainless steel. Heavy metal free.


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